Case Study Of Hosachiguru

Hosachiguru , a leading real estate company based in Bangalore, specializes in dealing with Real-estate plots for farming and other activities.

The company faced challenges in managing payment schedules for its customers who had invested in farming plots.

Their existing system lacked automation, resulting in delays, inaccuracies, and inefficiencies in tracking and communicating payment details to clients.

To address the above issues, Hosachiguru chooses Zoho creator, a powerful application to streamline their payment schedule management process.

Case Study - Hosachiguru | Zoho Creator | Zodopt | Zoho Premium Partners
Project Information :

Hosachiguru's Case Study

Executive summary:

The outdated payment scheduling process led to delays in customer payments, impacting the company’s cash flow.

Recognizing the need for an integrated and automated solution, the company sought to streamline payment schedules, calculations, notifications, and approvals.

The Challenges Faced:

  • Manual payment scheduling: Hosachiguru ‘s manual payment scheduling process was prone to errors and delays as its dated.
  • Lack of Automation: The absence of automation led to in-efficiencies in tracking and communicating payment details to clients.
  • Impact on Cash Flow: Delays in receiving customer payments resulted in negatively impact on the organization’s cash flow and financial credibility.

Evaluation of the problem:

  • Delays in customer payments
  • Impact on cash flow
  • In-efficient communication
  • Operational Inefficiencies
  • Customer satisfaction and retention

Proposed Solution:

Hosachiguru implemented Zoho Creator to Optimize its payment schedule management process. The application offered the following features.

  • Automated calculations: Zoho creator automated calculations, reducing errors and ensuring accuracy.
  • Customizable notifications: The platform enabled Hosachiguru to send automated notifications to clients regarding payment due dates, reducing the need of follow-up.
  • Centralized Data Storage: Zoho creator provided a centralized database for storing payment schedules, making it easier to track and manage payment information.
  • Workflow Automation: Zoho creator’s workflow automation is capable to streamline approval processes, improving efficiency and reducing the turn-around times.


Improved Efficiency: The implementation of Zoho Creator significantly improved Hosachiguru’s payment schedule management process, reducing manual effort and streamlining operations.

Enhanced Accuracy: Automation minimized errors in payment calculations and notifications, ensuring greater accuracy and reliability.

Better Cash Flow Management: With timely notifications and streamlined processes, Hosachiguru experienced improved cash flow management, leading to better financial stability.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Clients benefited from timely notifications and accurate payment information, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.


By leveraging Zoho Creator to optimize payment schedule management, Hosachiguru successfully addressed its challenges and improved operational efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

The implementation of Zoho Creator not only streamlined internal processes but also enhanced the company’s ability to manage cash flow effectively.

As a result, Hosachiguru emerged as a more agile and competitive real estate company, better positioned to meet the needs of its customers and stakeholders in the farming plots segment.

Hosachiguru Management Dashboard | Zodopt | Zoho Premium Partner

Hosachiguru Management Dashboard

 Hosachiguru Payment Application | Zodopt | Zoho Premium Partners

Hosachiguru Payment Application

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