Zoho Marketing Automation

Zoho Marketing Automation is an all-encompassing solution designed to help companies enhance and refine their marketing endeavors across multiple platforms such as social media and website analytics.

It provides a centralized hub where users can oversee and organize their marketing campaigns, granting them full authority, insight, and strategic planning capabilities.

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Establish connections, convert leads, and retain customers.

Zoho Marketing Automation brings together key functions in a single platform, giving users centralized access with full visibility and control. This integration enhances lead generation, conversion, and customer retention efforts, leading to higher success rates. The platform promotes the exchange of information, inspiration, and connections, helping businesses reach short-term and long-term goals efficiently. Ultimately, Zoho Marketing Automation empowers businesses to achieve immediate wins while also fostering sustainable growth.

Elevate your marketing team.

Zoho Marketing Automation also provides advanced website analytics, allowing businesses to track website visitors’ behaviour and gain insights into their interests and preferences. Other features include lead scoring, where businesses can prioritise their leads based on their level of interest, and workflow automation, which automates various marketing tasks and processes, saving time and effort.

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Zoho Marketing Automation Partner

Enhance your marketing endeavors by teaming up with us, a leading Zoho Marketing Automation partner in INDIA. Our team of specialists is ready to assist you in implementing Zoho Marketing Automation seamlessly.

Zoho offers a diverse range of marketing solutions that can be tailored to suit your business’s specific requirements. With Zoho as a dependable foundation of your marketing approach, you can outpace competitors and reach your marketing goals effectively.

Don’t delay in giving your marketing team the support they need. Reach out to us today and allow us to help you unleash the complete capabilities of Zoho Marketing.

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No matter the stage of your project, ZODOPT offers services to simplify your life.

Zoho Marketing Automation is adored by marketers!

Centralized Lead Management

Efficiently manage leads by capturing and nurturing them through tailored journeys, ensuring only qualified leads are forwarded to sales.

Marketing Planner

Evaluate campaign effectiveness across all channels and make informed marketing decisions with comprehensive analysis tools.

Insightful Reports

Access detailed reports covering everything from customer acquisition to loyalty, providing a clear understanding of your marketing performance.

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Web Behavior Marketing

Gain insights into user activities on your website and engage them at opportune moments with personalized experiences.

Multichannel Marketing

Utilize Zoho Marketing Automation to execute campaigns on the platforms most suited to your audience.

Lead Generation

Enhance lead generation with customizable signup forms, popups for landing pages, and seamless lead syncing from platforms like GoToWebinar, Eventbrite, and your CRM.


What Our Customers

Are Saying?

“ARSCCOM supported Kewaunce for ZOHO CRM implementation and the outcome is good. Most of our Sales & Marketing activities were automated ARSCCOM team has good expertise in custom coding according to the business requirements and it helped a lot in our dynamic Business workflow”

Arumuga Pandey D

IT Head

“From project inception to delivery. ARSCCOM team was very responsive to all our requirements. It was a great
experience working with the project team and the customized solution we have received for Zoho CRM is helping us run our sales operations in a much more efficient manner across cities.”

Gauri Oak


“ARSCCOM has done a fantastic job in customization and execution of Zoho CRM. The insights they have when it
comes to sales process and industry understanding helped us customizing it completely and I’m glad to be associated with them even for support services after going live.”



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Fully Certified Zoho Premium Partner in INDIA

As a certified Zoho Premium Partner for deployment and development, we possess extensive expertise in effectively implementing and utilizing this globally renowned suite of products across diverse organizations. Our deep understanding stems from running our entire business on Zoho.

Why work with us?

Empower Your Business Transformation with Zoho: As the India’s top Zoho integrator and Premium Partner, we offer more than just technical solutions. Our team specializes in crafting tailored cloud solutions to revolutionize your business operations.

From initial idea to final implementation, we provide complete support, including one month of complimentary assistance after launch. Let us help you achieve remarkable growth and scalability. Get in touch with us today!



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